WIAW: This Weather is getting old

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This cold weather just will not go away! I am starting to think that warm weather will never come back.  Eventually it will be here and I will be able to run in shorts! I can not wait!  Until then, here are some of my eats from this past week.
 Some greek yogurt, banana and granola.
Orange + banana protein smoothie. 
A power bowl inspired by Healthy Helper ‘s delicious looking ones.  With apple, protein powder,  almond milk and a crushed up protein brownie.
 I went to this German restaurant with my family.
 Some flowers from the restaurant.
 Part of my dinner.  German potato salad. I have never had authentic German food before but this was delicious.  Not something I would eat everyday, since it’s not the healthiest of foods. However it’s great for a treat.
Some marvelous looking strawberries for dessert!
I hope you guys are having a great week!
Fingers crossed the weather goes to the 20s this week!  It’s slightly sad that I now consider that warm but hey, I’ll take what I can get!
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