WIAW: Sick Day

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It’s Wednesday, and brr is it chilly outside.  I can’t believe it’s almost March and still this cold outside.   I have had a bit of a cold the past week and am still pretty stuffed up and feeling drained.  I actually have a cold the last week in February every year, well at least for the last 10 years.  Weird, I know.  The only reason I remember that is because I have always been sick for state qualifiers in high school and conference meets in college, which all land the last weekend in February.  But I’ll be back to good in no time!  
StoneRidge Orchards sent me some of their new product. Dark chocolate dipped cherries.  I absolutely loved their plain cherries.  Covered in chocolate they are beyond amazing!
Peanut butter protein pancake with pb2 chocolate sauce.
I roasted a bunch of vegetables for lunches during the week so I didn’t have to roast them every single day.  Yum! 
 My attempt to kick this cold. Spinach, orange and banana smoothie.  
 I had a fever on Tuesday so couldn’t do my usual running, plus I had zero energy to do that anyway.  Luckily I am on break this week from school so I could take a day off of homework, not stress out and re-watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl.
Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!