WIAW: Merry Christmas!

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It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating, I hope everyone has a fantastic day and gets to spend it with friends and family.  
 The holidays mean sales! My mom found this and thought I would like it.  It’s not supposed to not contain any of the gross coatings other frying pans contain, but who knows. It works great though!
Onto the food!  I wasn’t feeling just plain old eggs so I decided to put the eggs with some spinach in a tortilla, then grill it in out panini press.  Delicious!
 Open face sandwich with turkey, ezekiel bread, french onion laughing cow and spinach.  With a side of apple with an almond butter yogurt dipping sauce!
Black bean pasta, carrots, onion, spinach, french onion laughing cow.  
Toasted tortilla with french onion laughing cow.
Delicious week.  Now onto the Christmas goodies and festivities!