WIAW: Another Blizzard

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This past week we had ANOTHER blizzard.  Contrary to popular belief we really don’t have blizzards all that often around here, yes we do get a lot of snow, but not to the point where they ban you from driving places.  The weather here is so strange this time of year.   Wednesday was 2 degrees with a blizzard and Friday it was 57 degrees and sunny.  I really ready to get warm weather back so i’m not slipping and sliding on black ice when I run (it happens a lot Ha). Anyway, on to the great food!
 I was craving some greek chicken! So I made my family some grilled greek chicken salad. Yum!
I needed to at least get 1 coffee from Tim Hortons to try and win the roll up the rim contest.  I didn’t win, no surprises though, I don’t normally on these types of things.  At least the coffee was delicious!
I went to the grocery store right after the gym to get weekly groceries.  So I picked up a few million new items to try.  This Siggi’s yogurt was so good! I’m not a fan of thin yogurts and this was completely the opposite.  Wonderfully rich and creamy!
Egg sandwich on whole wheat bread. 
Green Smoothie! 
The last few days it has been semi better weather so I can not complain!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

1 Comment

  1. Jessie Gipe

    March 19, 2014 at 11:09 am

    The winter may not be the best, but hey @least you aren’t allowing it to affect your meals. Everything looks delicious.