WIAW and Cross Country Skiing

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This past weekend, plus the last couple days was pretty relaxing.  My first class of the semester just finished up and we had not received our syllabus of what to read for our first class yet (until today).  So I was relaxing and enjoying my down time.
  Since it was not insanely cold outside this weekend, (still a chilly 10 degrees) I decided to go out cross country skiing and switch my cross training from biking to cross country skiing for a few days.
I forgot how challenging cross country skiing is.  Especially the up hill parts.  Props to the Olympians that race up those hills.
 But the down hill and flat sections are so calming.  It was nice and relaxing being out in nature and enjoying the cold weather, with a ton of layers on of course!
I needed to warm up somehow so I made some slow cooker minestrone, which turned into more like a stew.  Either way it tasted delicious!
 Chicken and veggie stir fry!
 Made this strawberry oat bake for breakfast for the weekend.  It is such a delicious meal to wake up to!
 Can we just talk about this muffin/cupcake of heaven. I perfected my protein oat chocolate muffin recipe which will be up on the blog soon.  However, I wanted to add a little extra deliciousness, so I whipped up some PB2 with some extra coco powder.  It was so good!
Has anyone ever tried cross country skiing?
What other winter activities can I occupy my free time with?