Whole Foods Haul

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I loved having whole foods so close to me in NYC. I had 3 within about a 1 mile radius of my apartment building. Which was great, because I could even walk there! Anyway, I decided to get a few snacks and foods to take home from Whole foods. I got foods that I had never seen near where I live and ones that I hadn’t tried while I was in NYC.

First up, multigrain lime tortilla chips.My favorite! I also got Sambazon Acai smoothie packs and some oat bran pretzels!

Split Pea soup is my favorite, so I had to get this one. I also got some quinoa pasta! I had no idea they even made this! And since I wasn’t able to cook pasta while in NYC, I was unable to try it. But, i’m super excited to try it!

I got some pasta sauce for the quinoa pasta and some coconut butter. I had a smoothie while in NYC that had a mix of almond butter and coconut butter, and it was the best smoothie ever. So, I figured I would try to recreate it at home.

All the Acai bowls in NYC were topped with Hemp granola, and it was amazing.

Last but not least, I bought dark chocolate sun cups (oh boy were they good), a “The Good Bean” bar, and Amazing grass acai + goji packet.

I can’t wait to try all of these!