Weekly Workouts 7/9

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Hey all! I decided I am going to start sharing my weekly workouts with y’all! So here is what I have done last week.

Sunday- Off

Monday- 10 Minute Warm up, 25 Minute Temp at 6:27 Pace, 10 Minute Cool Down

Tuesday- 50 Minute Run.  3*100m Strides

Wednesday- 10 Minute Warm Up, 12* 800m at 3:00 min with 2 minute rest between, 10 Minute Cool down

Thursday- Morning: 45 Minute Run, core, leg/arm strength.  Afternoon: 20 Minute Run.

Friday- 10 minute warm up , 6*Mile at 6:11 mile pace with 3 Minute Rest between, 10 Minute Cool down

Saturday- 80 Minute run super chill pace.


Just a few notes:

  • Not all training work for everyone.  So just because this is what I do, doesn’t mean this is a goof training plan for you. So keep that in mind!
  •  I do workouts to compete in road/track races,  I don’t see my workouts as exercise or do any of this to burn calories, I literally have no idea how much I burn. I train to to compete in races.
  • I have been running since I was in 5th grade.  I know how much mileage my body can handle and how to properly build up mileage.
  • What may seem like a lot to one person, may be an easy day to another.  Perspective and personal goals are key! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. 🙂





What workouts have you done this week?