Weekly Workouts 7/16

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Another week of training in the books.  Oh boy was it a hot one out there! So many runs I came home and just sprayed myself with water.  So cold and refreshing.   Especially when it feels like 92 degrees in the sun so early in the morning!


Sunday: Off

Monday: 50 Minute Run

Tuesday: 10 Minute Warm up, 3* Mile at 6:11, 3 minute rest, 10 Minute Cool Down

Wednesday: Am- 20 Minute Run, Pm: 45 Minute Run

Thursday: 10 Minute warm up, 8*800 meters, with 2 minute rest at 2:56, 10 Minute cool down

Friday: 55 Minute Run

Saturday: 48 Minute Run



Certainly a hot week, but that’s my absolute favorite weather to run in, so I definitely enjoyed it!



What’s your favorite weather to run in?