Weekly Workouts 1/15

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Woot! It’s Friday! Thank goodness right! I definitely needed the weekend to come.

Here are my workouts for this week.  I tried to explore a few new areas for my runs, to mix it up a bit.  Fitness wise, I have started doing all of the little small things to keep me healthy. I definitely don’t want to get injured when there’s always beautiful weather. Along with that I really want to tone up a bit, I want abs gosh darn! Ha! But really, I have been focusing on eating a lot of veggies and getting adequate protein post workouts.

My Workouts:

Friday: 40 Minute Run+Core

Saturday: 1 hour Run+ Lift+Core

Sunday: 50 Minute Run

Monday: 55 MinuteRun+Core

Tuesday:  50 Minute Run

Wednesday: 45 Minute Run+Core

Thursday: Off


Lately my hamstring has not been causing any problems (knock on wood). Which is extremely exciting for me! I certainly hope I can keep it that way for a little bit, then I can start doing tempo runs and other faster paced workouts! I’m just craving a really hard workout!


What workouts have you done lately?

Do you do your workouts indoors or outdoors?