Vega- Recovery Accelerator Review

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I am always looking for new, healthy ways to refuel after my runs and workouts! Especially with marathon training coming up a huge part of training for any race is recovery.  So anything that will aid in the process is a huge benefit to your running.

Disclaimer: I was provided this product through Fit approach being a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  However,  the opinions in this post are completely my own. 

I was provided the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator in the tropical flavor.
What makes it great at helping with recovery is the 4:1 ration of Carbohydrates to protein.  Both crucial parts to help your muscles recover for the next workout or run.
The ways Vega Recovery Accelerator helps with recovery:
Replenish electrolytes
Reduce Inflamation
Support immune system and protein synthesis
Vega Sport- Recovery Accelerator is an all natural plant based product.
It is an orangey color, when simply mixed with water. 
It is a little gritty, and tended to separate if you took a little longer to drink it.  However, what I did was put it into my blender bottle to shake it up every now and again and it was absolutely fine.
It was well worth the taste though, as I loved the tropical flavor to this!
I drank theVega Accelerator within 20 minutes after workouts for a week and I felt really good the next day.  No unneeded soreness that I tend to get with hard efforts.  It worked so good I’m going to have it after every hard session of my marathon training!

Nutrition is a HUGE part of any type of training.  Wether you are training for a race or training for a lift PR, fueling yourself better can have a big impact on your performance.
So, how are you going to Fuel your better ?

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  1. Kelsey Homolka

    May 20, 2014 at 3:46 am

    i received the pre-workout and it was just as gritty. I got the lemon lime flavor and it was tough to stomach. I realize that they’re not meant to be super tasty but it took everything in me to get that first one down! I’m working on having a few more to get myself used to the taste but I think next time I’ll opt for something like yours instead! Great review 🙂