Urth Caffe

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Start of a fresh new week.  Hope your holding up to your resolutions still.  Remember: You can do anything you put your mind to!

Anywho, I have been loving the wide range of food chooses available in Los Angeles.  There’s so many to choose from, and so many different cuisines available.  I can’t eat out all that often, since it can get pretty darn pricey here in LA, but when I do, it’s been nothing but delicious so far!

When I first got to LA I was staying at an airbnb, so I decided to take a little adventure up to Pasadena to explore old town a bit ( it was super cool, i’ll have to show you sometime!).  But It was approaching dinner time and I just happened to be near Urth Caffe, which I have seen a few people I follow on Instagram go there, and the food always looks amazing!

Urth Cafe- Pasadena, Los Angeles- healthy-organic-vegan

I decided on the pesto chicken sandwich (comes with a salad, with some delicious dressing on it)  The chicken was nice and moist, and well pesto is addicting and I always love it!

Urth Cafe- Pasadena, Los Angeles- healthy-organic-vegan

I also got the green tea boba over ice to go with it. Both were super tasty and I’m definitely going to go back and try some more food out!

Luckily Urth Caffe has a few locations across Los Angeles so I don’t have to travel to pasadena every time I want to go!



What is your favorite place to eat out in Los Angeles?

What cuisine should I eat next?