Traveling Home

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Started off my day yesterday with a run and lift at the hotel, and then we were off headed home. I could not wait! I feel like trips always seem way longer when you’re excited to be some where.
This is my “Yay we’re on the road face”

I love Whole foods bulk section, so many varieties of nuts, seeds, grains, everything. I added cashews, almonds, banana chips and dark chocolate covered espresso beans!

My mom gave my dad and brother a bunch of fruits for the trip. Yay! Including grapes! I hadn’t had grapes in a while, mainly because they are pricey in the city, as is everything else.

We also had blueberries and bananas.

I read my book for a while, but then started to feel a little sick, so I sadly had to stop. So close to being done with it! Oh well.

A lot of green space to look at. Not going to complain though, considering I haven’t seen nice grass in a while. It was refreshing not to see concrete and tall buildings everywhere!

This is my “Oh my goodness are we there yet” face.

And then, we finally made it home! It was so great to have a nice home cooked meal with my family and to cuddle up with my dog. Feels great to be home!

What are your favorite road trip snacks?