Toronto-Graffiti Alley

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Another post from Toronto. Another very cool place we visited while we were there.
Graffiti Alley- Toronto Canada
Graffiti Alley- Toronto Canada
Graffiti Alley- Toronto Canada
Graffiti Alley Toronto Canada
As I was googling cool places to see in Toronto. This place popped up. The pictures looked amazing of what I saw. Graffiti like these pieces of art are so cool. Especially considering I have zero artistic abilities, but really I can’t even draw stick people! This place is just an alley way in downtown Toronto. You’ll have to google direction, because it wouldn’t be a place you just stumble upon. When we got there we saw some artists at work just starting to create pieces of graffiti, which was cool to see the process, and then finished products. These pieces of graffiti turn the normally dark alley ways into such bright beautiful pieces of art. It’s so impressive, especially to see how large these pieces are. If you’re ever in Toronto I’d say this is a must see!

Have you ever been to Graffiti Alley?

Are you at all artistic, or do you lack these abilities like me?