Top 4 Fall Nail Polishes

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I love nail polishes and the great selections of colors they have out there! My nails, unfortunately, hate holding nail polish on them. My nail polish always chips within the first day of having them painted, even if i’ve done nothing all day. Needless to say i’m slightly picky about what nail polishes work best for my nails. Here are some of the nail polishes I have been loving for fall lately!
This nail polish from cover girl was my absolute favorite for spring. A few coats and you have a lovely pastel pink shade. However, if you just use one coat of the nail polish it’s very light and very neutral.
ulta red
Red from Ulta. This nail polish was a surprise since I tend to avoid generic brands because they tend to not work as well. This one was great!
Sinful creations Nail polish. I tend to stray away from blue nail polishes, probably since they don’t match much of my outfits. However, I decided to take a risk and it turned out being great!
revlon ruby
My favorite fall color is dark reds. This Revlon in Ruby was perfect!


What is your favorite fall nail polish color?