Throwback Thursday: NYC

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There is just something about NYC that really captivates me and pulls me there.  From the hustle and bustle of people, to the unique places to shop and eat, it seems like there is something awesome going on there all the time.  I am in love with hug cities such as NYC.  This past summer I went there on a mini vacation to visit my brother, who had an internship in the city. Here are some of the pictures I took.
 The beautiful architecture of Grand Central Station.
This is my all time favorite picture I have ever taken and yet I wasn’t even looking when I took this! I was making sure I was looking where I was going while I crossed the street and just attempted to take a side picture.  Pretty surprised how cool it turned out!
And of course, Time Square.
 The Statue of Liberty.  Absolutely amazing and beautiful!
The High line.
My absolute favorite thing to do when I went to NYC in the summer was to wake up real early, grab a cup of coffee, walk around the city and simply watch the people go to work.  Then of course I would head over to the Today Show to see the news.