The County Fair

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One of my favorite parts of summer is going to my county fair. Although, sadly, it comes at the end of summer. Which always means that 1. it’s going to start getting cold soon and 2. school is about to start. But it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Yes these are little figures made of veggies!
photo 1

All sorts of veggies being judged there. I’m really interested to see how the judging of vegetables goes down. What is it based on?
photo 2

Old Firetrucks from across the county.
photo 5

People are so talented. This is a wood burning picture.
photo 4

But how do they carve these things. It blows my mind!
photo 3

And then they have all sorts of people showing off their animals. Everything from sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens and horses. My favorite however, is the “MOOternity” or, where the cows have their babies. The little babies are so adorable! This one is only 12 hours old
photo 3

My mom is also a master guru at creating cards for all sorts of occasions. She entered this card and won! Go mommy 🙂

Sadly the food at the fair has transformed into food that is 99% deep fried so I don’t have any healthy delicious eats from there. They deep fry everything from oreos to gummy bears and even infuse bacon in the lemonade (ew). Although, I did have a delicious italian cookie, because they are the best! But I had fun this weekend at the fair!

Does anyone know how they judge vegetables to figure out who wins?

What is your favorite part of the summer?