Tempo Thursday

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I started the day with an early shift at work and headed to the gym after that.  I was going to do my workout outside today, but then it started snowing a lot.  Nothing says spring like a little bit of snow! Ha! So I ended up doing my workout on the treadmill.  I had a 30 minute tempo scheduled for today.  I felt very good during my warm up and went right into the tempo.  I set the treadmill at 6:27 pace with a 1% incline and just ran along.  The last 5 minutes is always the toughest mentally to get through, but I got through it.  That’s the longest tempo I have ever done and it felt great! yahoo!

post long run

I always look real great after my workouts.  Everyone always posts post workout pictures of themselves where they are not sweaty at all and look how I look pre workout.  Sorry, not one of those people. I like to run fast and I like to sweat!

IMG_7643I recovered with a protein smoothie, some veggie soup and a tuna sandwich I scarfed down right away and  didn’t take a picture of! So delicious though!

Grace helbig on the tonight show with jimmy fallon

I watched one of my favorite youtubers/comedians- Grace Helbig on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  She was promoting her new show The Grace Helbig show which airs April 3.  I can not wait to watch her show!



What was your workout this week?

Who is your favorite comedian?