Sunday Snow Day

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Yep, you heard that right, snow day.  I was at work this morning when someone mentioned the ground was covered.  I was confused at first, then realized the ground was COVERED IN SNOW.  (silently cries in the corner)  You would assume, 24 years of living in this city that I would have expected that it would be snowing in spring.  I’m pretty sure I was simply in denial.  It’s hard to call it spring when the weather we are having right now is still colder than most people’s winter.  Heck, Anchorage Alaska is warmer at the moment then we are.  Oh well, it will get warm eventually…I hope.  Or maybe by then I will be living on a beach somewhere(fingers crossed)!

I had a hard time sleeping last night and between that and a before sun work hours I was beyond exhausted when I got home.  I even took a nap! GASP! I never take naps  unless i’m extremely exhausted, so I knew I was real tired.  My shins have been bothering me lately from so much treadmill running I just decided to take Sunday off. But what better way to beat the cold weather than an icy cold smoothie.  Makes total sense. Ha! I used my new cashew milk and a bunch of frozen fruits to make the smoothie. So good!

Smoothie with cashew Milk I then spent the rest of the day catching up on a few tv shows, relaxing and doing some blog things!

BBQ Chicken and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

For dinner I had BBQ chicken, I wanted to pretend it was actually warm enough out to grill.  Oh so close to being warm enough to grill! My favorite season!  And of course a roasted brussels sprouts!

FYI this is not all the food I eat in the day. I often forget to take pictures so don’t assume these are the only things I eat! 🙂

How was your Sunday?