Summer in NYC

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I’m back from China and oh boy was it amazing!  I’ll have more posts on that coming in the next few days though. Now for the big announcement I said I would tell you before I went to China.
I’m interning in NYC this summer!
I’m beyond excited to  have this opportunity this summer to intern with a great company and it’s in NYC, which makes me even more excited! 
On the not work side of things, I am very excited to explore NYC.  Exploring cities is one of my favorite things to do.  And of course, what better way to explore places than running! I’m very excited to start my marathon training in such a large, beautiful city.  I also can’t wait for all the things I can do in my free time and all the choices for healthy foods in the city! Don’t worry, I will be sharing everything with you! Time to do laundry and re-pack everything and more for this summer!