Stonyfield Chocolate Yogurt Review

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I was looking for a new yogurt I haven’t tried yet at the grocery store on Sunday, and I stumbled upon Stonyfield Organic yogurt.
Love this lid.
I was in a chocolatey mood so I decided to go with the fat free chocolate.
I added some chia seeds as I usually do to my yogurts
I was rushing a bit in the grocery store and didn’t really analyze the yogurt contents.  Only to find that this yogurt contains 34g of sugar. Wow that’s more sugar than a candy bar! I normally don’t eat foods with that much sugar.  I checked the Stonyfield website and the chocolate one was the only one with that amount of sugar.  However, the taste of the yogurt was great!  The yogurt texture was silky smooth and the chocolate flavor wasn’t too overwhelming.   I am looking forward to trying the other types!
Have a great weekend!
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