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While I was in NYC, I quickly found out that there is a ton of things to do, and events to attend in the city. And the best part of these things is that a majority of them are free. Which was great for my college sized budget!

First up, after my first day of work I walked a few blocks, until I heard a bunch of screaming teenagers. Turns out The Fault in Our Stars NYC movie premiere was occurring. Since I loved the book so much, I decided to stick around and check it out. Needless to say, I didn’t have VIP tickets so I had to stand across the street. BUT, John Green being the awesome person he is, walked across the street to say hi, and sign autographs for a bunch of people. How awesome!

The New York Rangers were in the Stanley Cup play off finals, so NYC was going a bit crazy with support. They had an outdoor viewing party over in Bryant Park, which hundreds of people attended. I was a Rangers fan for the night. Hey! When in NYC!

I stood in line for standby tickets to watch The Chew. I ended up getting in, and later got picked to sit in the tasting area. My Summer was made within the first week of being in NYC!

I love the Today show and their free concerts. Sara Bareilles was absolutely amazing live! One of the very few artists I would actually go see live!

Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up were launching their new sunglasses line with Oakley. The event included healthy baked good and a meet and great with Karena and Katrina. They were SO sweet!

The Oakley mini 10k in Central Park. I got to see some of my favorite elite athletes!

New Balance Girls Night Out!

Free fitness classes and yoga throughout the city. This one is through athlete in Bryant Park. I normally went to the Lululemon one after my long runs on Sundays too!

Union Square has “Summer in the Square” where they have everything from yoga, cross fit, kids activities and they even had a salon braiding hair.

As expensive as NYC is, and boy is it expensive to do anything there, they also have a ton of free things to do throughout the city!

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Summer