Simply Choice Crunch Review

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Big news: I am now a wellness ambassador for Simply Choices!Disclaimer: Although they provided me with these products, the opinions in this post are completely my own.


I was sent these Simply protein Crunches in Banana Caramel Cashew!
The crunches are perfectly flavored with a little sweetness to them.  They even have dried banana chunks and cashews in them!
They are perfect for snacking or topping various foods! 
They have 100 calories a serving with only 1.5g fat and 10g of protein! I don’t eat enough protein throughout the day some days so it’s great I can get some extra protein in one simple snack.
I topped my strawberry banana smoothie with it and it tasted amazing!
All their products are vegan, gluten free and kosher!
They were absolutely delicious! I love a healthy crunchy snack and this was exactly that! 
Simply Choices also has Raspberry Coconut, and Lemon Cranberry Pumpkin seed protein crunches which I can not wait to try!
They also have Simply Protein bars, chips, and whey bars!
Go check them out here:
They are a real friendly company follow them on twitter: