Self Defense Class and a Rainy Weekend

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Ah the weekend! Hope everyone had an incredibly lovely weekend!  Mine was filled with all sorts of fun things and a lot of rain.  Here are some highlights from last weekend.

Avocado Toast- A weekend of self defense and rain

I finally got a toaster oven at target.  I couldn’t handle not having a real oven anymore and went crazy using it this weekend. First thing I made was avocado toast! One with Sriracha and one with hemp seeds.  I still think I’m mildly allergic to avocados but they’re so tasty and the itching in my mouth doesn’t last forever, so all is well!

Venice Beach- Rainy weekend and self defense class

I think I have a real life addiction to the beach, but hey there are worse things to be addicted to I guess.  On Saturday I headed to the beach after the big Friday storm, because I assumed the waves would be crazy, and they did not disappoint. I was able to walk around briefly before it started raining again, but it was great to get some air and relax a bit.  Also, with all this rain this weekend, I started watching  the show ‘No Tomorrow‘  which is now on Netflix.  It is now one of my favorite shows, and fingers crossed there’s a second season!  It is hilarious, uplifting, positive, and sends a great message about living your life.

Rainy weekend and self defense class

On to the next thing! On Sunday I got to attend a self defense class taught by Jarret of Jarrett & Jenni thanks to Happy Mess MOMents.  As a woman in a large city walking alone at night sometimes can be nerve wracking, which is why I figured this would be a great workshop to attend.  We learned so many things to help prevent these instances from happening.  These include, not being on your phone, not wearing ear phones, be alert of your surroundings (including behind you), already have your keys out when you’re walking to your car, and walking closer to the street than to the buildings.   These things help reduce the opportunity for you to get attacked.

Rainy weekend and self defense classWe learned various ways to fight back if an attack was to happen. Including what areas to hit first, which are eyes, nose, throat and groin.  A very helpful class that if anything was to happen I would feel confident on how to go about that situation.  I would highly recommend taking a self defense class of some sort.

Rainy weekend and self defense classThank you to Thoughtfully and Coco Libre for sponsoring the event.  This is one of the cute gift boxes thoughtfully, a beer bread making kit.  Comes with bread mix, loaf pan, apron and a cute bottle opener.

What fun things did you do this weekend?

Have you ever taken a self defense class?