Running Update 12/7

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Last week was Thanksgiving which meant turkey trot time! I love seeing everyone dressed up in costumes and ready to run even in the frigidly cold 10 degrees outside.  I had been training for this race as my peak for the fall racing.  The day before the race I was doing a run with my friends and  slipped on some ice  and into a pot hole.  Unfortunately, I managed to strain a muscle in my groin and barely made it back to my house, running on it for 2 miles after.  I heated it, stretched it and tried to do my shake out run the next morning and it did not turn out too well with a bit of pain.  I decided to run it with my friends who were running it for fun.  Although that may not have been the best decision in the world, as I struggled to walk up stairs later that day.  I took a few days off where I took really good care of it doing everything possible to get back as soon as possible.  Here I am a week later ready to start training again.  It’s almost funny that I injured myself because I literally roll my ankle 5 times a run (for the last 13 years) while trail running  and never once got injured.  Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, I’m just thankful it wasn’t a more severe injury. 
Positivity is key!