Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner

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Holiday gift guide for the runner



Holiday season is quickly approaching and will be here sooner than you think! Here is my quick guide for holiday shopping for the runner in your life.  Whether they are a seasoned runner or looking to pick up running as their new years resolution, these gifts are perfect for them all!

  1.  Hydration, even during the winter is a crucial part of running.  It can turn your run from feeling good on your run to having a pretty rough run.  Carrying a water bottle around helps with all day hydration.
  2. GPS watches are a great way to track progress with not only distance but also the time it takes you to complete that distance.  Just avoid becoming overly obsessed with them as they are just technology and won’t be accurate 100% of the time.
  3. Especially in colder climates gloves are a staple to winter running.  You really can’t go wrong with buying running gloves as a gift.
  4. Another key to winter running, bright colors! The amount of daylight available for running is getting smaller and smaller, and if you’re running outside it means reflective gear and bright clothing is an absolute must when running on roads.  This hat is perfect and easily wearable all year round too!
  5. Running shoes are obviously the biggest staple when it comes to running.  However, probably the trickiest thing to buy for someone. Runners are extremely particular about their shoes. I would say, only buy running shoes if you know the exact type the person wants, otherwise buy a gift card for them.
  6. A fashionable gym back is always helpful when going to the gym early in the morning before work.



What are some other great holiday gift ideas for runners?