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When I travelled to China a couple years back I was happily surprised how delicious all the food I had tried while on my trip.  However, it has seemed next to impossible to find authentic Chinese food in the United States.  One thing I was craving lately was soup dumplings, I had while I was in Shanghai.  They are a thin dough layer with pork and broth inside.  Los Angeles is such an ethnical divers community, I figured I would be able to find authentic Shanghai soup dumplings.  A little bit of help from google,  and I was able to find a place that had fantastic reviews.

Roc Kitchen Los Angeles Review- Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Roc Kitchen Los Angeles Review- Shanghai Soup Dumplings


These pork soup dumplings from Roc Kitchen were light and extremely flavorful. Felt like I was back in China trying all the dumplings.  They also had a bunch of other delicious food that I can’t wait to go back and try some day.  If you’re ever in LA I would highly recommend heading to Roc Kitchen for some soup dumplings.

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