Road Trip!

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Alright, I am back! Last you heard from me I announced I was moving across the country! Woot Woot! Well,  I officially made it to Los Angeles! My dad and I split the ride into 3.5 days which was about a total of 38 hours of driving. Seems like a lot but went by quicker than I thought it would go by,

Let me tell you one thing I learned on this road trip.  More of America is farm land and not populated than I had originally thought. I would say a majority of our ride from Buffalo to Denver was simply cornfields and cows.  Really, there was a day driving through Nebraska where I started to wonder if people actually lived there.  I’m sure they do, I just didn’t see very many people.

Utah Colorado Beautiful Nature scenery

Once we hit Denver, the scenery changed completely.  From flat land to beautiful mountains.  If I was a snow person I would totally live in Colorado, because the views were absolutely gorgeous!

Utah Colorado Beautiful Nature scenery

Then we hit Utah which was canyons and beautiful red rocks, then the desert and then we finally made it to Los Angeles.

Utah Colorado Beautiful Nature scenery


Oh by the way, I am officially not homeless anymore.  FINALLY found an apartment, which I will move in this coming week.  I had just been renting a room through Airbnb since then.

Utah Colorado Beautiful Nature scenery

I also started my new job, which I really love.  I have also been exploring the area since then.  Have has some beautiful an fun runs.


More posts about how Los Angeles has been since I got here are on their way!


Have a great week everyone!

Did you do anything fun during the weekend?