Oatmeal and Ice Baths

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It’s been hot lately at home. The best way to cool off and recover after runs are ice baths. I always used to take ice baths at school, which would be about 45 degrees. I can’t get them that cold at home but I can put as much ice as my freezer will make inside one!

photo 4

I have always wrapped my towel around my neck when I take ice baths, especially full body ones. It somehow makes me feel a little bit warmer.
photo 5

Of course, I have to refuel after workouts. This is oatmeal cooked normally in the microwave, topped with blueberries, Wild friends Chocolate Coconut peanut butter and Happy Herberts Oat bran pretzels.
photo 1

Pretzel topping adds a great salty crunch.
photo 3

The best peanut butter!
photo 2

Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! It’s almost Friday!

Question: Do you take ice baths? What do you do to pass the time?