New Year’s Comes Early

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There are twenty days until New Year’s eve!  Which means you have twenty days to figure out your new year’s resolutions  if you make new year’s resolutions.  I like to make a list of a few things I would like to change and goals I would like to focus on for the year. 
I have been feeling extra motivated lately, so I figured why wait to start some of them.  One of my resolutions is to eat to fuel my body not when I’m stressed.  During stressful times I have tended to stress eat.  I would tend to munch on a lot more snacks than usual throughout the day. I’m all for snacking throughout the day, but it became excessive.  I figured before this habit got bad that it would be a good idea to break it!  
It is now the end of the semester which means there are projects upon projects I need to complete which also means that there is a lot of stress.  This week was the ultimate test for me to see how I would do.  And so far so good!  I have been sticking to the resolution. This has also gave me a lot more confidence to achieve my other resolutions and goals for the year. A big part of keeping your resolutions and any goals in life is staying positive and believing in yourself.  If you’re feeling extra motivated at the moment why wait to start in January, have faith in yourself and believe that you can achieve!
It has also been snowing a bit here and very cold outside! You would think I would be used to cold weather by now, living here my whole life and all.  However, it just doesn’t get better!
I hope everyone is having a great week!