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Hello all! I figure it’s been a while since I shared my most recent workouts with you, so why not on this lovely Friday!  I had been out of any exercise for 2 weeks due to the flu (ew right) but I have been back fully working out and getting after it for about 2.5 weeks now. Yay! Although it is a bit difficult to get back to waking up super early to hit the gym.  Waking up isn’t horrible when I enjoy running so much, and it makes me so happy.  It’s just the mid afternoon tiredness that kills me.  Anyone have any recommendations to how to get through that time?

Anyway, here are my workouts this past week.  I’m still building up my base mileage hoping to start doing some harder workouts in the next 2 weeks so I can be ready to start doing some 5k’s come spring time!

Saturday:  50 Minute run

Sunday: Day completely off

Monday: 40 Minute run + 40 Minute easy bike + Planks

Tuesday: 45 Minute run + Lift

Wednesday: 45 Minute run + 30 Minute easy elliptical + Core

Thursday: 45 Minute run + Lift

Friday: 40 Minute run + 20 Minute easy elliptical + Core

What workouts have you been doing lately?


  1. Julia @ Drops of Jules

    March 3, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Right now, I’m working on extending the length of time in which I run (think, 30 minutes, rather than 20, hah!) so it’s encouraging to see your posts!

    • Amanda Lizz

      March 6, 2017 at 10:16 am

      That’s awesome to hear! Keep at it and soon you will even be running 40 minutes. You got this 🙂

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