Maple Acorn Squash

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Fall is by far one of my favorite times of  the year for food, for the sole reason of the plethora of squash available.  There are just SO many varieties to pick from!  Today I chose acorn squash, which I might add, in my opinion is the most difficult to cut through.  Be careful we do not want to lose a finger out there!
Start by cutting the acorn squash in half.  Or as close to half as possible.  As you will see mine was more of two thirds and one third.  But hey squash is squash it’s all the same in cooking.
Take out the seeds in the middle.  Pretty Similar to as if you were carving a pumpkin.  Just use a spoon and scoop them out.
Flip the acorn squash halves over and put on a ridged plate, although I am sure a normal plate will work as well.  I then filled the outer ridge with water to add a little more steam so they didn’t dry out.  Put them in the microwave and cooked them for 8 minutes on high.
I then took them out and put about 1 teaspoon brown sugar in each and about 1 tablespoon of light maple syrup in each side.  Place back in the microwave and cook for 8min on high.  Depending on your microwave and size of squash the time may differ by a few minutes.
Cook until able to completely, easily scoop out of squash.  This is best done with both a fork and a spoon.  Mix together to evenly distribute the maple sauce in the middle.
There you have it! Hope you enjoy!
What you will need:
Acorn Squash
2 Tablespoons light maple syrup
2 Teaspoons brown sugar