Mansion Explorations

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Saturday was my first full complete day off in such a long time. I completely enjoyed it and was doing something from the minute I woke up until I went to bed!
Long Run- Treadmill
Started off Saturday with a long run on the treadmill. This is part one of the run, as the treadmills go in one hour increments. I took this run super easy, since my workouts were so tough this week. My legs definitely thanked me for that one!
Mansion Explorations
Every year or so a group in my area remodels/decorates one of the old mansions in my area that needs some fixing up. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, but boy was it lovely in there. You walked into the house and were greet with a gorgeous crystal chandelier that does nothing but sparkle beautifully.
Summer Flowers
Outside there was a park with these beautiful flowers, how could I not take a picture…or ten..
summer flowers
More flowers! And then the bees started attacking me so I ran far far away! Ha!
Here is my outfit of the day on Saturday. Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for a fun little photo shoot I had with my mom!