Malibu Wines

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I had heard nothing but great things about Malibu Wines since i’ve been in Los Angeles. So when my friends mentioned wanting to go I jumped right on board and was ready to drink some wine (does that surprise you?). Wine is probably my go to alcoholic beverage of choice, with gin being a close second. There’s so many varieties to choose from that no matter what mood you’re in, or what you’re eating there’s a wine perfectly suited for you.
Malibu Wines- Los Angeles California- ootd fashion style

First step: the hardest part of the day, deciding what to wear.  Naturally my closet looked like a hurricane had hit it, but I finally decided on this denim dress from Forever 21.  I was almost under dressed compared to my friends, but you can totally dress it up or play it more casual there.

Malibu Wines- Los Angeles California

Step 2: Decide on the wine.  I’m more of a white wine kinda gal.  Red’s somewhat scare me because I have only ever had really really dry red wine before.  But i’m open to suggestions if y’all have ideas of red wines I should try!

Malibu Wines- Los Angeles California

Snackage: We had looked to late to book a table so we brought a blanket and just had a nice little picnic! Everyone brought a bunch of snacks to enjoy with the wine, things such as fruit, veggies,cheese & crackers and chips and salsa.

Malibu Wines- Los Angeles CaliforniaLike I said before you can book tables or bring a blanket and have a little picnic. It’s the cutest little spot ever! There were people celebrating birthdays, engagements, bachelorette parties there, and people just enjoying their Saturday!  I know where i’ll be spending my birthday in June!

Malibu Wines- Los Angeles California


Malibu wines is one of my new favorite LA spots.  I love that you can just enjoy good wine, snacks, and just hang out with friends in a very relaxing environment.

Have you ever been to Malibu Wines?

What is your favorite wine?

Which red wine should I try?



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  1. Ankita Bardhan

    October 8, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Beautiful pictures, hun! And you’re looking gorgeous 🙂

    Come visit us soon
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