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Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a lovely week thus far.  As I have mentioned in a few posts, I have moved out to the west coast! So far it’s been amazing and absolutely love LA.  Heck, as I type this I’m sitting outside at a coffee shop.  I could have never done that in New York in the middle of January!

However, one major thing I have noticed is a change in my skin.  I think it’s partially from the stress of moving across the country, but also, the air here is significantly drier than back at home.  My face, hands and basically my whole body have been freaking out, resulting in mega dry skin.  No one likes that, so I have been trying to remember to put lotion on more often, so far so good!

Now onto the cool new products I tested out recently.

Disclaimer: Although I was provided with these products, the opinions in this post are completely my own.

Lindi Skin Care was originally created for skin care products for people who have cancer and to relieve the effects of radiation.  However, Lindi Skin care products are perfect for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin.  Lindi skin is dedicated to developing skin care products that help people feel better both physically and emotionally.  Now who doesn’t want that!

Linda Skin Care- Beauty Products

I was provided with samples of the Body lotion, body wash, face wash, face moisturizer, face serum in both lavender and lemon and soothing balm.  Or the fight back pack which you can find here.

Lindi Skin care- Beauty products- Sensitive skin

Lindi Skin care- Beauty products- Sensitive skin

Linda Skin Care- Beauty ProductsLet’s start with my absolute favorite of all these products: the Face serum.  I was super hesitant when I first put this one my face because it seemed oily, and my face had been breaking out a ton over the last week.  However, it did the opposite and I had zero break outs, and my felt nice and smooth the next day! I prefer the lavender one but the citrus smells great as well.  The soothing balm was my next favorite.  You put it on your hands preferably after you take a shower and then later on I would use the body lotion.  Between those two products I used on my hands, they are no longer dry and cracked like when I first got to Los Angeles, thank goodness!!

I have tried so many skincare products over the last few years because my skin always got so dry from running outside in the cold over the years, and I really liked the Lindi Skin products.


If you want to try these products or any other products by Lindi Skin out check out there website here.

Or check them out on twitter.

What is your favorite skin care products?

Does your skin get as insanely dry as mine does?