Lazy Saturday

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Yesterday was the first day in months that I had a day of from both of my jobs.  I was really excited to catch up on a bit of sleep  and spend the day doing whatever I please and maybe enjoy the first full day of spring. Unfortunately, it was as gloomy and rainy as could be.  But really, when is the weather ever consistent with the seasons here, oh well!

Tim Hortons Coffee


Panda Bear coffee mug

I woke up, went to the gym right away to do my run and then headed home to enjoy some Tim Hortons coffee and finally try my cashew milk I just got Friday! Oh boy, it did not disappoint!! I thought my coffee was good with almond milk, but cashew milk adds a more creamy/nutty flavor that works so much better with the coffee.  This basically just added to my coffee addiction, because it tasted absolutely amazing, and even better in my panda mug! 🙂

Silk Cashew milk- Gluten free, soy free,

I spent the day looking for jobs/freaking out about what i’m going to do with my life.  Not really my idea of a relaxing day, but once I get going it’s like I can’t stop looking.  I so badly want to move to Los Angeles.  I just need to find a job that I can get that I don’t have to be homeless and still be able to pay off all those oh so fun student loans.  Eventually i’ll find something, so if you know of any jobs, help a girl out! 😉

Wegmans Vegetable Hummus

I enjoyed two delicious snacks during the day that I thought I would share. This included these delicious frozen chocolate covered banana pieces from Trader Joes, and some delicious Wegmans brand vegetable hummus with some carrot sticks.  Yummy!

Later on I was supposed to go out with my friends to some bar, but we decided on staying in and watching movies.  I’m not a huge bar scene person so I really didn’t mind!

I decided I am going to share posts every few days about my day or what I have been up to.  I think it will help you learn a little more about me!

What did you do on Saturday?

Do you have Spring weather where you are living?