Kushyfoot Review

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Quick update: Hello all!  I deeply apologize for being slightly m.i.a over the last few weeks.  I have gotten into my new apartment and have been trying to get situated.  I finally have internet and i’m not sleeping on an air mattress.  Let me tell you, that’s about as fun as it sounds.Ha!  Once I get a few more pieces of furniture in I will gladly do an apartment tour for y’all!

But now to what you guys are really interested in!

Disclaimer:  Although I was provided with these products, the opinions in this post are completely my own.

I’m not sure there’s a person out there that loves socks more than myself.  I constantly wear socks. I also have a shoe addiction, which means that a I will need a variety of socks in different shapes and sizes to wear with all these shoes.
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashionThe above and below sock are the yoga sock. One of my biggest problems during yoga is that my feet sweat and start to get slippery on the mat.  But finally this will no longer happen with the kushyfoot yoga sock!  They have grippy bottoms to prevent slipping and sliding, how awesome is that!
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashion
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashionFlats like these are my absolute favorite casual shoe to wear! But no show socks are definitely the way to go with shoes like these.  On top of that Kushyfoot put a little rubber grippy right behind the ankle so they don’t slide don’t your foot! I know I have that problem all the time!
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashion
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashionAnd of course athletic socks are very important to myself.  These socks come up your ankle the perfect amount so your shoe doesn’t rub on your ankle and they are tight around your arch of your foot.
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashion
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashionSometimes you need a bit dressier sock. The material of these are similar to a slightly thicker pair of tights.  But are perfect anytime.  Here I paired them with jeans and a boot.  But they would look fabulous with dress pants and heels as well!
Kushyfoot Socks- women fashion

All of these socks are super soft and very comfortable, perfect for every shoe occasion!


If you’re interested in Kushyfoot check them out here: Kushyfoot

Are you a sock person like myself?

What type of sock do you like?