Injinji Sock Review

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I love socks and it is so hard to find actual running socks in stores near me.  So, the search was on for some great running socks. I finally found them and Injinji offered to send me some samples of their socks to try out!
Disclaimer: although I was sent these socks the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.
 I tested out four types of their socks.  The sport, run, trail and compressions socks.
 The toe sock feature of these socks helps align toes, prevents blisters, and promotes proper balance.
 The trail socks have a mid weight  padded interface.
 They are perfect for trail running on all various terrains.  I also found these great for the cold weather.  I normally wear thin socks, but these were a bit thicker and could handle the brutally cold temperatures lately. 
But, I can not wait for it to get a bit warmer and the snow to melt so I can test these out on the trails!
 Now on to the compression socks!
 I’m a huge fan of compression socks and these tested out great!
Compression socks design enhances circulation, accelerates recovery and reduced the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness.  Compression socks make me feel great after really hard runs and workout. It’s definitely worth the buy!
 The sport sock is designed for everyday wear in any type of shoe.
They are super comfy and warm.
 Last but not least, the run socks.  
 There is compression in the arch which provides some extra support.  With a mesh tops that provides ventilation and great breathability. 
The heel is a little higher which prevents them from riding down or heel rubbing.  That is a huge problem for me which Injinji solved perfectly!
These socks were really great! The cushioning and fabric were perfect.  My favorite feature is ability to prevent blisters.  I get a ton of blisters on my feet and toes when I run.  However, while wearing these socks I haven’t had this problem.  How awesome!
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                                       What do you look for when shopping for socks?