Importance of the Long Run

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Everyone is used to doing normal easy runs along with harder workouts.  But what often goes ignored is the weekly long run.  The main purpose of a long run is to build aerobic endurance capacity.  This ultimately can help you run longer and further. Another benefit is increasing glycogen storage in your muscles.  The more glycogen you can store in your muscles the longer you can sustain a pace, which means the longer you can go without hitting the dreaded wall!

So how long should your long runs be?

Weekly long runs should be 20% of your weekly mileage.  When you create a running schedule, first decide the amount of miles you want to run weekly. Then calculate your long run based on that weekly mileage.


Long runs are also really fun! And an excellent way to catch up with friends!



Do you do long runs?

What’s the longest run you have ever done?