Importance of Building Mileage

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Everyone know training for a race requires running miles. But where people get confused, is how much to run  when.  As a person that is extremely injury prone, the importance of building mileage every week is extremely important.

Gradually adding more and more mileage not only helps cardio wise get stronger, but also has an impact on bones, jones, and muscles. As very wide known rule, you do not want to increase mileage more than 10% weekly, and even less if you are just beginning to run.  Increasing weekly mileage at a gradual pace will help your bones, muscles, and joints get used to it.  By increasing mileage too quick you could end up putting too much pressure and increase the impact on your body exponentially, which could lead to serious injuries.  Heck, my second stress fracture, back in college, was due to increasing mileage too quickly, sadly my coach wasn’t concerned that I hadn’t run that many miles ever before.  But, you live you learn.  Now I know what my body can handle, and how much to increase mileage weekly.

This is also why it is so important to keep a weekly log of mileage you ran, so you can adjust it properly to avoid getting injured.

What I learned from having so many stress fractures and injuries, is to come back SUPER easy when the doctor give you the okay to run.  When I mean super easy, I really mean super easy.  I wasn’t allowed to run more than 1/2 a mile 4 times per week when I came back from my stress fracture.  This immensely helped me not develop any sort of injuries from your body not being used to all the running again. Coming back slowly not only inhibits you from getting injured, but it also helps you adjust back to running and getting back into running shape.


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