How To Choose A Running Shoe

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Running shoes can be a difficult thing to pick out.  There are so many different forms of support to a shoe depending on your form.  This can make picking out a running shoe very difficult.Asics Running Shoes First I want to say, if you can go to a running speciality store to get properly fitted, I would do that.  They often have very knowledgeable staff that can help analyze your form and get you the perfect running shoe.  Without the perfect fit to your running shoe you can end up getting injured.  Remember, just because the shoe is “cute” doesn’t mean it’s the perfect shoe for you.Asics Running ShoeThere are three main categories of analyzing how you run/land on your feet.  These include, neutral, over pronation and supination.   Neutral means you land evenly on your feet.  Over Pronation means you put more emphasis on the inner part of your shoes,  This means that the part closest to your ankles will tend to wear out faster than the outside.  Over pronation requires shoes that have stability or motion control in the shoe.  You can often find this in the description of the shoe whether or not it has these characteristics.  And supination means you run more on the outside most parts of your shoes, which means the outer edges of your shoes will tend to be more worn out.  If you do supinate, you will need shoes that are flexible with cushioning.Asics running shoesAnother thing you want to pay attention to when picking out running shoes, especially if you’re changing shoes, is the heel to toe drop.  This is just the difference between the height of the heel and the height of the toe.  When changing shoes, if you decrease or increase the heel to toe drop to quickly/too much this could cause injuries or soreness, until you get used to it.   Once you find a running shoe that works for you, I’d recommend getting the same one, or finding a very similar one.

I really love my asics to run in! I have been wearing them for the last 12 years.  The cushioning is perfect for me!

What is your favorite shoe brand?

How do you pick running shoes out?



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  1. Ashley

    March 13, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Great tips! I never know what I am doing picking out exercise shoes, and this is super helpful.