Holiday Wish list for the Health Fanatic

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Tis the season for gift buying and holiday celebrations. It is also time for those planning on making new years resolutions to live a healthier life. But what do you buy for active people or people wanting to live a healthier life? Here is my gift guide for 2014 for those people!


  1. Fit Belt– An amazing  product to help carry anything you want while you workout. Ce4ecTCgUL6Vmu0d8yLX6uzr3w4LA1GfvGUyiw_twOA I took mine for a spin the other day on my run.  You simply put the belt on, and put whatever you want to in each little pocket.  I took my keys, iPhone/music, money, and a gel to test it out.  Everything stayed perfectly in place.  These belts come in sizes xs-xl.  Along with various beautiful colors such as these below.hw67ujzHyTTxBCfv7kS8ZcqqC8-j3kwFC_v_Yy01wYA

            This belt is made up of 92% Micropoly and 8% Lycra.  Which wicks away moisture.  The belt also has a reflecting              if you do your workouts when the sun isn’t up yet!

2.  Fit Bit  Fitbit offers  activity trackers for all sorts of activity levels, and price ranges.  They make it easily accessible to track calories, steps taken, and in some devices, the amount you sleep.  It is a great way to help you stay active!  They come in all adjustable sizes, so they will fit all size wrists.

3. CEP Compression Socks These socks help increase blood flow and help with recovery making each workout feel great!  They feel absolutely amazing. I currently have three pairs of these socks and they are just wonderful!

4.  Foam Roller– Foam rollers are my favorite.  They help get rid of knots in your leg and help ease the tension that   develops and help relax muscles.  I recommend this for anyone especially that will be running. It works wonders.  Just roll your legs on this after your run and it will help feel better for the next day/run.

5. Garmin GPS Watch– GPS watches can be a great product, not just for experienced runners, but for beginners as well.  GPS watches track distance ran and the pace ran.  Most GPS companies have an app or website where you can track and connect with friends.   This provides the opportunity to track your progression and see if you are getting stronger!  These GPS watches are various prices, depending on the features.

What are you getting your health living lover for the holidays?