Happy 1 year Anniversary!

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Good morning and happy thursday! Today marks 1 year of blogging. It started off as Running By Day and now it’s transformed into Positively Amanda.
I would just like to thank everyone who reads or has read my blog and hope to continue to keep growing my community of followers.  If you ever have any suggestions of blog posts you would  like to see more of, don’t be afraid to let me know!


If you’re new here, here is a list of some of the most popular posts on my blog:

  1.  Chocolate Protein Oat muffins
  2. My trip to Beijing
  3. Quick School Snacks
  4. 3 Minute Fartleck Workout
  5. Double Chocolate Brownies
  6. Strawberry Crumble
  7. NYC Highline
  8. Eugene Oregon

Note: I will have an energy bar review coming later this morning with a GIVEAWAY! Come back around noon to enter!

If you currently read my blog, don’t be shy, come on over to twitter and say hello! 🙂
Thank you again for all your support!