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Guacamole and avocados are so delicious and have a great source of good fats for you. I also love cilantro so no surprise that I love guacamole as well!
Here is my guacamole recipe!
Avocados cut in half and without pit.
 Avocados out of skin.
 Mashed avocados.
Finished product!
4 Avocados
2 Roma tomatoes diced
2 Tablespoons Cilantro
1/2 Small onion diced
2 Tablespoons lime juice
Dash of cayenne
salt and pepper to taste
1.  Prepare avocados and mash in a bowl add 2 Tablespoons lime juice.
2. Dice onion and Roma tomatoes and mix with avocados.
3. Chop cilantro and add to mixture.
4.  Add cayenne, salt and pepper to taste.
5. Serve with veggies or tortilla chips!