Getty Villa

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The cool thing about Los Angeles is that there are so many cool things to do here no matter what you enjoy doing.  I love going to art museums, walking around and just appreciating the art.  I often turn to google to find cool new things to do in LA, so I was excited to see the Getty Villa on a list of top things to do in Los Angeles.  The cool thing about the Getty Villa? It’s free.  The only thing you essentially have to pay for is parking, so bring a group of people and it is a pretty inexpensive thing to enjoy.

Getty Villa- Los Angeles- Art Museum

The Getty Villa is a museum dedicated to the study of arts and cultures of Greece and Rome.Getty Villa- Los Angeles- Art MuseumThe architecture of the villa campus itself is breathtaking.  The attention to detail sets the mood just perfectly to stage the art itself.

Getty Villa- Los Angeles- Art Museum
Getty Villa- Los Angeles- Art Museum

If you are ever in Los Angeles, the Getty Villa is well worth the visit to see not only the amazing architecture of the Villa itself, but also the various forms of art from Greek and Roman history.

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