Free Activities in Los Angeles

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I’ve only been in Los Angeles for a year now and I am certainly not an expert on the area. But I have done an awful lot of exploring since I have been here. Los Angeles is certainly an expensive city, so finding activities I can do (besides going to the beach) that won’t break the bank is a must.

  1. The Getty Villa- Tickets are free to the Getty villa, but you do have to pay for parking, so I guess it isn’t entirely free.   But if you go amongst a bunch of friends and split the parking fee it’s still a pretty low cost.  The architecture of The Getty Villa alone is incredible, let alone all the art work inside.
  2. Griffith Observatory at night- My absolute favorite place at night.  The view looking out onto the city with all the lights is incredible.  Make sure you choose a clear day, as it can be very difficult to see any lights if it’s cloudy.  And plus if you go on certain nights they have telescopes set up and focused on planets(super cool to see and they have guides their assisting)!
  3. The Broad- Contemporary Art Museum in downtown LA.   You’ve probably seen pictures of the artwork all of your social media. There’s a bit of long term planning for this one.  Normally you have to book tickets months in advance, but the tickets are free. Ideally get a tick for the first time slot of the day if you want to see the infinity mirrored room because anytime after that it’s nearly impossible to get in to see it.
  4. Hiking-  Cliche LA. I’m so glad to live in a city where I can drive 15 minutes and end up in mountains and nature.  There are so many hikes you can do. Runyon Canyon is probably the most well known and popular.  You can also hike to (semi near) the Hollywood Sign (starts at Griffith Park). However, my favorite is Los Leones trailhead to parker mesa overlook.  On a clear day it’s the most incredible view of the coast.  Truly breathe taking.
  5. LACMA- It is such a great thing to have so many great museums located near by. I have yet to visit them all but hoping to soon.  LACMA was another one of my favorites to visit. It is free Monday- Friday after 3pm to LA County residents.  Check out this list of more free museums to check out in Los Angeles.
  6. Free Concerts(summer only)-  My favorite thing I did this summer was attend the free summer concerts at the Santa Monica Pier.  Everyone brings snacks and has a little picnic.  And although the audio isn’t all that great if you’re towards the back it’s a fun time to hang out with friends.



What are some fun things to do in your city?

Have you done any of these things in Los Angeles?