Fourth Of July Weekend Recap

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I don’t know about where you live, but boy was it gorgeous out this weekend. It had been raining a ton over the last few weeks and it’s hard to find time to spend outdoors. So the weather ended up being really nice.
Fourth of July RecapMy family and I started out the day with a nice bike ride, as I ran along the lake. See what a gorgeous day it was outside! Not a cloud in the sky 🙂  Ah the sunny warm weather just makes me so so happy!

Fourth of July Recap

Fourth of July RecapThe best corn on the cob i’ve ever had.  Recipe coming Thursday!

Fourth of July RecapMy all time favorite summer food is watermelon.  There is nothing more refreshing after a hot run than a jumbo bowl of icy cold watermelon!

Fourth of July RecapThis was a pre made turkey & black bean burger from Wegmans.  Oh so delicious!

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