Favorite YouTube Videos of November

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I love watching YouTube videos.  Not just viral videos, but YouTubers as well.  So I figured I would share some of my current favorites that I have watched from this month!

Louis Cole from “FunForLouis” makes hands down the best travel vlogs.  I absolutely love watching all the places he goes.  It inspires me to travel even more than I want to already! Absolutley love this vlog where he visits the Chinese Water Village.  Reminds me so much of my trip to China!

Grace Helbig from “ItsGrace” is by far my favorite comedian.  Her sense of humor is amazing.  It’s hard not to watch every single one of her videos in a row.

Niomi Smart creates some lovely fashion and beauty videos, and is now branching out and creating some healthy foods & fitness related videos!

Amelia and Estee‘s vlog’s from their trip to NYC were so funny.  They are just too funny together!

Now, technically this video is from October, but I didn’t find it until recently. This video, from Jack Howard is him chatting about why he is a feminist.  I thought it was very well done and perfectly said.  Definitely a must see!  He is also a part of  the YouTube Channel Jack and Dean which has some very well done videos that are quite funny!

What is your favorite YouTube video this month?