Fashion Week

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Yesterday concluded Buffalo Fashion week.  The week ended with the main stage runway event.  This event was held at the Statler Hotel in downtown Buffalo.  This location was absolutely gorgeous and I thought  it fit the event very well.  This was my first ever fashion show I ever attended and it did not let me down.
 The Lobby
Other Section of the Lobby waiting to go into the main stage
Schedule:  My favorite was the Marc/Ella New York Collection.  But all the designers had some really cute clothes.
Buffalo fashion week
This was the first two shows location.  I give the models a lot of credit for walking up and down the stairs during the show.  They couldn’t look down at the stairs while walking down them, and in heels nonetheless.  I would have landed on my face if I would have had to do that.  I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t tall enough to be a model.  Sigh, I still want to be one.  It was also a bit hard to see some of the outfits being a few rows back, but I managed.
This is the third show location.  The chandeliers at the Statler are absolutely gorgeous!
My favorite collection.
Then they gave us mini cupcakes after the show.  I tried to resist but really, it was so hard to!
Overall my experience at the fashion show was absolutely fantastic.  It exceeded my expectations by far.  I was a bit skeptical at first to how it would be considering I had never heard of Buffalo having a fashion week before.  However, I was really impressed by the entire event.  I do hope to one day be able to attend NYC fashion week.  That would be a dream come true for me!  Until then, this was definitely worth going to and checking out and definitely plan on going next year!