Fall Festival

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This past weekend was near “peak” leave color for this fall!  The leaves were absolutely beautiful.  So, I took an adventure and went to a fall festival, celebrating all that is good in fall!
 These ski slopes are equally as beautiful in fall as they are in the winter.
   It happened to be a rare 78 degrees in the middle of October which made it okay to be standing outside in a shirt and shorts.  A thing that rarely happens in this area this time of year.  Come to think of it, seven years ago that day we had a bad snow storm that left us without power for a week and a week off school.
 The resort and restaurant there were absolutely gorgeous. 
The festival in the village had vendors selling all types of goodies.  From food, to knit hats, to sheeps milk soap.  There was a huge variety for everyone.  
Fall is one of my favorite seasons even though it only lasts about a month in this part of the country.  The change of colors of the leaves is absolutely beautiful.  This warm weather is definitely a tease, as it looks to have a possibility of snow this coming week.  I’m not sure i’m ready to run in the snow yet, let’s hope it can hold off for a few more weeks!