Ezekiel 4:9 Bread Review

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I saw a few other bloggers rave about this bread so I figured I’d give it a try!  I love pretty much any bread and this bread wasn’t any different.  But tasted a whole lot better than most breads out there.   It is made with sprouted 100% Whole grains! Not to mention it contains tons of vitamins and minerals.  The Ezekial 4:9 is also a complete protein, which means it contains all essential amino acids. (Great for vegetarians or people like me who aren’t super fans of meat, or don’t get their protein sources from meat or fish. )
I made it toasted with almond butter, paninis, and laughing cow with the bread.  All great options and more to come i’m sure!  The bread has a great taste and I look forward to trying the other breads as well!Check out Food For Life’s other products here: